*1987, lives and works in Berlin and Vilnius

Agnè Juodvalkytè uses textiles as a framework to understand culture, history and technology. She works with different materials, such as clothes, textiles, natural pigments, graphite dust, plants, and fabrics made by her grandmother. She then brings additional materials into this and thereby inadvertently establishing relationships between her images and identities, which previously inscribed themselves in the various, often used, materials. Each finished painting thus carries the individual history of its parts and develops a poetic magic from it. Often presented in an anthropomorphic way, her works breathe their past into the present, becoming multidimensional artifacts extending not only into space but also into time. It is from this idiosyncratic perspective that Juodvalkytè’s contribution to Showing True Colours was created as well.

She sees her flag Echoes as a glimpse of a world that we cannot enter. It is a transformation of various motifs and colours from four paintings she recently made in her studio and then transferred into a digital textile print. Obscure silhouettes of dried flowers show up with a blend of spray paint and further painted details. Here, she translates the idea of ​​narrative abstraction, usually closely related to her materials, into a digital echo chamber that gives a sense of what was previously seen elsewhere. Thus, the surface of the flag resembles a glance, a mere echo of the past.