Wolke in Hosen


*1981, lives and works in Lisbon, London

and Moscow

Carlos Noronha Feio is an artist and researcher. In his multimedia work, he analyzes how identities and regional or national cultural ideas manifest themselves in the world. He questions preconceived concepts of belonging by juxtaposing different historical, political and geographical references, comparing and combining them into new, unique compositions. Unforeseeable iconographies emerge in his work, conveying alternative narratives in his preferred material: textile.

For Showing True Colours, Noronha Feio dealt with Bad Saarow's past as an up-and-coming resort town known for its hot springs in the 1920s, which was also popular with the Russian intelligentsia. His design Cloud in Pants constructs a visit by Vladimir Majakowski to Bad Saarow, which is possible but not verifiable. Maxim Gorki stayed in Bad Saarow for several months in 1922/23, and Majakowski was in Berlin at the same time. They definitely visited each other, and this link serves as the basis for Noronha Feoi’s speculative narrative. These visits must have taken place by train, so that the synthesis of coarseness and tenderness of his famous poem from 1914/15, penned in a train, is poetically illustrated in just the right place.