Easy Rock’n’Roll Party


*1977, lives and works in Berlin

Catherine Lorent's haunting works challenge established categories of media by combining painting, drawing, sculpture, performance, music and theater into all-encompassing installations with varied visual and acoustic references. Expressive drawings are presented with hanging guitars, floating ceiling paintings and her own poems. Lorent is inspired by the baroque and considers the music of that epoque as the most moving form of expression of that era. She reinterprets and combines it with electric guitars to create atmospheric effects with the mathematically strict vocabulary of baroque compositions. This is how she creates her very own music: Drone.

The same synthesis of history and the present can also be found in her paintings and drawings, which served as the basis for her flag. Here, motifs are derived from maritime signal flags, framed by smileys, some with (aluminum) hats, and a few characters from Grimm's fairy tales. The ostensible tone of the work is cheerful. Life is grand and colourful - just like the colours of the signal flags, in which the word “Party” is written. As always in Lorent's mise-en-scene, nothing happens without a hint of humor and subtext, which only reveals itself on longer viewing.