Nika Radic’s flag is based on fundamental questions on what a flag is and what it stands for. The question eventually led to her decision to present us with a lone sky on her flag. “Flags are a strange thing. They are made to fly in the sky and thus somehow symbolize a political entity that is beneath this sky. As if we want to take on a bit of the heavens for our earthly undertakings. There is a very complicated history of heraldics in Europe. The different symbols were first used on coats of arms and then on flags while, in the end, they end up being some patches of colours that should have symbolic meanings and that we should identify with. I think I prefer to see the sky over seeing flags. I don't mind flags as such, but don't particularly care for the meaning of the symbols that they usually carry. I propose the sky as a flag because it can belong to all and everyone.”

Radic has often switched between different contexts. She has lived

in Croatia, Canada, Germany, England, Austria and more recently

in Japan and has transferred this experience in a professional interest

in communication, that she pursues across a wide range of artistic media. The core of most of her films and installations is therefore not only to maneuver between different languages ​​but also between different contexts - i.e. between her own and other people's experiences. She emphasizes the changeable and fluid relations between the observer and the work itself as the predominant concern of her artistic practice.