Flags and banners have been used for centuries for optical communication. They transmit messages (e.g. shipping) and stand symbolically for certain group affiliations (associations, countries, gender etc.). For the project, numerous unused masts were reactivated and connected to a course. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the power of signs and their use or abuse. To this end, 27 + 1 artists from the 27 EU member states and the transitional state Great Britain were invited to design individual flags. The various flags are only determined by the technical parameters specified by the masts. They can be understood as an image, as a game with identity, as an intellectual engagement with sign systems or as an object. In terms of content, many flags react directly to the given context, which interweaves with the background and own experiences of the artists – be it personally or politically. The origin of the artists from the EU member states is symbolic in nature. We show true colours as a community – here at Scharmützel- and Storkower See in the lake district Oder-Spree.

A curatorial project by infected landscapes

(Lena-Marie Emrich und Susanne Prinz).