Phantom Flagge


*1980, lives und works in Berlin

Walch’s 27 handmade flags, which are hoisted on the mast in addition to those of the sailing club, do not occupy any territory. They cannot be hoisted over any country and make territorial claims.Each flag originates from a Phantom Island. the flag of a place that has never been found or can no longer be found and be entered.On the Märkische Meer, these invisible territories come together to form a continent, the individual parts of which have been designated by cartographers with names such as Mayda, Onascusa, Gallego, Neome, Kantia or Bermeja. Their colours come from all directions and bring together organic colouring agents as well as earth pigments, which change continuously due to weather conditions at the Scharmützelsee. (RW)

Raul Walch's artistic practice transcends the boundaries of common art genres. He works as a sculptor and concept artist, performer or researcher. The focus is always on an unconventional, artistic examination of social reality and it is not uncommon for the observers themselves to become part of a performance. The playful works and actions of Walch are therefore not limited to curiosity or participatory observation, but are often ephemeral and, above all, site-specific interventions that respond to their environment in the most diverse places around the world.

“In view of this increasing radicalization of individuals and social groups, it is all the more important that artistic freedom be exercised in public space. Art shapes the way a society lives together and stimulates debate about it. What can these debates look like and how do they penetrate artistic work? ”(RW)