Fun With Flags


*1974, lives and works in Berlin

Riccardo Previdi's practice is based on mixing images. His elaborate prints are created by mixing colors both mechanically and digitally by superimposing images of various origins. His designs for Showing True Colours are the first entirely digitally generated works and show extraordinary distorting effects. As with all paintings and prints from the series Fun with Flags (2017ff), the artist again mixed and changed the original design of flags of groups (not only nations, but also regions and other communities) that were or are currently at war with each other, or may well be in the future because of ongoing conflicts. He dissolves these flags, symbols of national vanity, in brilliant swirls of colour. Like puzzles, his flags play with familiar shapes and colors. In a personal gesture, the artist added the sad face of Europe in the face of a fading Union Jack to the group in the center of Bad Saarow.