Fahrradtour (Google) ,

Flagge Brandenburg (Google),

Sonnenblumen (Google)


*1971, lives and works in Berlin and Schmolde

For Showing True Colours, de Bloeme selected three characteristic motifs that relate directly to Brandenburg, its surrounding area and the occasion of the exhibition. He "googled" three terms - bicycle tour, Brandenburg flag, sunflowers - and produced a picture version of each search term several meters long. The abstract images are similar to the image on a mobile phone display when scrolling quickly or with extremely poor reception. Only the main colour of the photos associated with the term is visible. The resulting artistic works have a superficial visual proximity to concrete art, as introduced by the Dutch Theo van Doesburg in 1924 and later programmatically referred to as an abstraction based on mathematical-geometric foundations. And what could be more mathematical than computer logarithms? In terms of content, however, de Bloeme's works differ greatly, because they do not materialize anything spiritual, but are strongly connected to material reality. They are not symbols for something, but very real in two respects - as a direct image of a failed internet search and in their direct relation to the exhibition.

In fact, the artist has always found his motifs in details of everyday life, be it weather maps, packaging or manuals. Google has long been a preferred artistic resource for him. De Bloeme makes abstract pictures and political art out of what he sought and found on the search engine. He has repeatedly brought this art into public space in the form of billboards. With the reinterpretation of logos, diagrams, advertising and other signs of visual culture, the artist subtly focuses on observing reality. Here the cheerful, fresh colors are by no means harmless, but have a commercial boldness. This information, stored exclusively as codes, is usually read, understood and interpreted by us automatically. De Bloeme’s art exposes the degree to which we have already internalized decoding systems.