These transient joys will fade

all too soon


works in Brussels

SOIL collective is a group of four curating artists - Ans Mertens, Rik Peters, Remko Van der Auwera and Tom Hallet - who challenge the idea of ​​the lonely artist genius and instead aim to confront their individual practices through an intense artistic dialogue with others. The group works in all media and collaborates with other artists as well as curators. This is precisely what they did for their contribution to Showing True Colours.

Their flags are the result of a momentary encounter in four acts. Freely inspired by the surrealist method of the cadavre exquis, these three digital collages are an absurd assembly of words and images generated through a chain of interventions. Commonly known as a game played with folded paper where a sentence or drawing is constructed by several people without any participant knowing the others’ contributions, cadavre exquis fits perfectly into the networking present, where everyone is communicating with everyone else at all times and simultaneously. Moreover, the cadavre exquis method is considered an infallible means to switch off analytical thinking and to unlock the metaphorical abilities of the mind.

Nevertheless, all three flags reflect the current global state of transition and uncertainty and question the existing but unsustainable paradigms of power and privilege. Yet these flags do not symbolize power as such, but rather depict its negation by displaying the intuitive result of the horizontal organization inherent to the working process of SOIL Collective. It is not without reason that the flags were installed in front of the castle - a symbol of vertical hierarchies.