Sophie Erlund researches structures as a synonym for the human body and mind, creating sculptures, installations and complex soundscapes that deal with the topic of transition. Transition not only spatial terms, but also socially. In addition to spatial uprooting, the focus of many works is social migration from one phase of life to the next.

The Global measure flags are based on the idea of a more interplanetary perspective of our human presence, with reference to the earth system sciences, where we understand ourselves and the planet as a larger, more interconnected system, involving all the sciences: astrology, glaciology, paleontology, geology, oceanology, meteorology, ecology and so on. A more than human identity to these flags, so to say, seen from the symbiotic real perspective. 

The flags are an investigation into human interconnectedness within the ecological system of four main spheres: hydrosphere, atmosphere, geosphere and finally the biosphere, where we humans and all living, more-than-human beings exist. The psychology of transition has been at the centre of the artist's interests for some time now, as has the related human-machine metamorphosis. The ultimate goal is to understand individuals in the second modern age - especially now, in times of ecological change, which bombard us with changes and challenges, which in the end can almost all be traced back to human influences on the earth, and which are to be understood as echoes of the Anthropocene.

The images on the flags are made of digitally, partially morphed images of atmosphere, mycelium, soil layers, glacial cavities, hydroplanes, planetary systems, tree bark and so on, arranged in an infinity pattern the artist created in 2017 and has used in very different works in the past. The logic and design quality of the pattern as well as the human hair sewn into the ends of the flags are the Anthropocene layer woven into the universe for the Global measure flags.