In her collages and installations Veronica Brovall deals with existential questions of human life. She examines the topics of group membership, gender dynamics and violence. Her work centers on how to deal with life and death, time, norms and structures. She does this in collages and large-scale ceramic sculptures which are on the one hand very clear in terms of form and impressive due to their size, while on the other hand they look ambivalent; they often link seemingly familiar objects in a very strange way. She once created a whole tunnel system within an inhabited house and fitted the same house with furniture that was impossible to use. The sofa had knives attached to it; the table had bamboo sticks covering the tabletop.

She draws the viewer's attention with broad gestures. Then, details such as texture cause the work to speak. The juxtaposition between rational logic and emotion, or instinct and reflection, is crucial to all of the artist’s works. Her collages combine images of meat parts, forks and knives, tires and cupboards into a surreal landscape which already in 2006 critically treated the very topical issue of excessive (meat) consumption. For Showing True Colours, the artist used pictures of the burning forests in her home country of Sweden last year and combined them with images of bikini cleavages, thus picking up on a topic that is also essential for Brandenburg.