Big Birds Small Birds


*1983, lives and works in Berlin and Sofia

Vikenti Komitski's work revolves around everyday objects, the context and meaning of which he analyzes, questions and transfers into another reality. Komitski changes the nature of objects, selecting goods that relate to the reality from which they originate and in which they were originally used. Komitski's re-interpretation of premade principles is not only applied to objects, but also to ideas.

His design for Showing True Colours deals with the tools people use to protect bird populations from flying into glass panes and window fronts. Preventing birds from flying to their death using stickers of birds of prey has proven to be largely ineffective but is still widespread. Komitski's interest in these bird stickers stems from the fact that they try to foster communication between man and birds using graphic symbols.

Attempting to talk to birds, learn their language, or understand them has its own tradition. In western mythology it is most closely associated with Saint Francis, who taught the gospel to birds (Pasolini's eponymous film refers to this). The birds in the flags are arranged in unnatural formations and resemble air defense squadrons rather than a flocks of birds. After all, the image of a flag with a bird symbol - perhaps most popularly an eagle - serves a similar function to the bird sticker. They occupy or point to a symbolic space (e.g. a state), except that in this case, of course, they communicate with people.